About Us

Nantucket Children’s Center provides quality early care and education to families with young children. Our primary goal is to meet the growing needs of children by providing experiences that will foster their development in a safe and stimulating environment.


Nantucket Children’s Center is guided by a developmental perspective, which focuses on the health and growth of the child in all areas and stages of development; physical, social, emotional, cognitive and language.  Each child’s development is followed closely. We provide both familiar and challenging learning and play activities based on children’s individual interest, learning styles, and diverse backgrounds to stimulate growth and development.

At Nantucket Children’s Center we know that early childhood is a time of critical learning. Therefore, children are given opportunities to explore and play using a wide variety of mediums to assist them in constructing new skills and knowledge.  We believe parent(s) are the major force in the lives of young children and that they serve as children’s primary teacher, therefore it is essential that teachers and parents/guardians develop a partnership to enhance their understanding of each child. The director(s) and teachers work with parents/guardians to provide an environment that is consistently safe and loving as well as motivating. We welcome parental involvement, as we want to assist parents/guardians in better understanding their children’s development and the program that supplements their parental care.

As a community, we must all be responsible for communicating and participating in activities that promote the betterment of our organization. Nantucket Children’s Center will offer supplemental enrichment activities for children, support staff education and development activities, and encourage parent involvement.

Nantucket Children’s Center is a child and family centered program. Through various yearly functions, for example, a parent/staff family BBQ, holiday ornament night, Easter Egg dyeing night, graduation and various other staff and family community events, Nantucket Children's Center seeks to strengthen the program for all participants. With these activities Nantucket Children's Center strives to build relationships between staff and families, enhance cooperation between families and the program, and to continually serve the needs of the children and families.

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